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Neymar fee changed everything – Mourinho

Jose Mourinho says Neymar PSG fee has changed the entile transfer market

Neymar PSG

Jose Moorinho has said that Neymar move to Paris Saint-Germain changed the entile transfer market.

Mourinho believes Manchest r United were lucky to get their business done ealier in terms of millions.

PSG shocked the football world when the signed Neymar for a world-record deal.

Mourinho believes they did well during the transfer window.

Man United spent about £169.5million in the transfer market, but the Portuguese coach believe they’re able to saved a lot of money by getting their business done early.

Manager Mourinho told the Time. “I think we were very clever. We thought that something could happen that could change the market forever.

“Normally the last part of the market is less expensive, but this season after Neymar, everything changed: and changed for worse in terms of price.

PSG will have to pay £166milluon to Manaco for Kylian Mbappe next summer

“I think Lukaku on Aug.31 would have been £150million. Matic would have been £60million or £70m. Neymar changed everything.

“If the biggest transfer in history had still been Paul Pogba. I think Philippe Coutinho would now be in Barcelona for £101milliom.

“People look at the £200million figure now. Now the players of £20million became £40m, the players of £40million became £60m., and everything changed. Lukaku and Magic, now, would have cost us £200million in total.

“But because we did in the first part of the summer, it was much less. I think we did well in financial terms and well in the preparation terms, getting them before the season started.

“That is not crusial but it’s important.”

Posted by on September 6, 2017.


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