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La Liga asks UEFA to investigate PSG and Man City

The La Liga has asked UEFA to investigate Manchester City

Manchester City

La Liga wants Manchester City to be investigated by the UEFA, they believe that the club have breachies the Financial Fairly Play (FFP) rules.

The La Liga is nor only asking the UEFA to investigate City’s spending but also want UEFA to expand it’s newly launched investigation whether Paris Saint-Germain had breached the FFP or not.

The Spanish league president, Javier Tebas, has said in a statement The Associated Press that Abu Dhabi-dunded Man City and Water owned PSG are benefitting from stare aid which he believes it misleading European competition and is irrepably harming the football industry.

Recall that Tebas had asked UEFA to investigate PSG last month and want UEFA to look into French club history of noncompliance .

The two clubs spent hundred of million in the transfer window that close last week, and Spanish club believeCl City and PSG are benefiting from ssponsors that make no economic sense and lack any fair value.

“PSG and Man City funding by state-aid distorts European competition and creates an inflationary spiral that is irreparably harming the football industry,” Tebas said.

“UEFA must enforce Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations to avoid discrimination among clubs.”

Man City and PSG were punished in 2014 for breaching the rules and €20million ($24m) was deducted from their Champions League money and had limit to their spending and squad for matches

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