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Mourinho says I’m his sergeant on the pitch – Lukaku

Manchester United’s Romalu Lukaku reveals Jose Mourinho says “I’m his sergeant on the pitch”

In an interview with Thierry Henry ahead of their Saturday’s game against Liverpool

Romelu Lukaku says im Jose Mourinho sergeant on the pitch

Manchester United forward Romelu Lukaku has told Sky Sports that Jose Mourinho see him as his sergeant on the pitch and he has full trust in the Portuguese coach.

Speaking ahead of Man United Saturday’s clash with Liverpool Lukaku told Sky Sports ‘Thierry Henry’. “It has been really good, [because] I think he knows I have like that [soldier] mentality, I think the work rate that I’m delivering to the team is a lot.

I think the manager, in his mind, thinks that I’m like his ‘sergeant‘ on the pitch, and that is strange for a striker because normally, it’s always the midfielders. But he knows that he can count on me whenever and he knows that I [will] always put the team first, ahead of myself.

He has previously said in the past that he will not get the respect he believes he deserves until his side caps silverware.

That is something that I told him. I said: ‘For me, the team is the most important thing.’ My desire to win is bigger than ever now since I came to Old Trafford. I [always] wanted to win.

I always wanted to chase trophies and I always put that in front of my personal objectives. He knows that, and I think that is the reason why I’m playing all the time.” lukaku added.

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