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The first goald would not happen if i was on the pitch – Klopp blast players

Jurgen Klopp blasted players after Liverpool loss 4-1 to Tottenham

He claimed the first goal wouldn’t have happen if he was on the pitch

Liverpool Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp was angry with his players after Liverpool was thrashed 4-1 by Tottenham on Sunday.

Liverpool were embarrassed at Wembley thanks to Harry Jane and strikes by Son
Heung-Min and Dele Alli.

Klopp claimed he would have prevented the first goal if he was on the pitch from Spurs, the second was too easy and the third was another present.

“The first would not happen if I was
on the pitch but I am in the middle
of the technical area in my trainers,” Klopp told his post match news conference. “It is unbelievably easy to defend, to
close the space, we only have to
clear the ball, shoe it, we don’t do it.

“Do we need to be prepared for a
situation like this? Yes, and we
usually are. Each job is clear but we
did not do it. I cannot fix it here but
we will fix it. We have to work on it. We have to prove we are better
defenders than we showed.

“It’s not
as if Tottenham needed to be genius
to get through us. We have three
unbelievably big scoresheets —
against Watford (3-3), Man City (0-5)
and today — and 12 goals conceded,
that’s crazy.”

Liverpool have conceded 16 goals in their first nine Premier League game.

“It’s our responsibility 100 per cent,”
said Klopp. “Let’s not deny the
statistic. We saw two teams with a
lot of potential but in the decisive
moments we were not there. It’s difficult because I don’t want to
create headlines which don’t help but
it was poor defending in all the
decisive parts.”

Liverpool loss 4-1 to Tottenham on Sunday as Harry Kane strike twice

Klopp added: “We have to protect the offensive
things we do, We all
know Tottenham will play into areas
like this. It is not a bad cross but we
miss the moment and it was not
possible for counter-pressing.

“Normally Dejan Lovren would make
the header but he missed the ball.
Son is in a better position and he is
very quick, so it’s an easy ball. We
put it on a plate. Another present,

The Reds sit in the 14 in the EPL table with 9-point

“We have the ball and
lose it and give them a free-kick.
Then it’s a free-kick going nowhere
and we make the header and nobody
is there for the second ball. All so obvious and always bad. We
had chances but you can’t get
results with a performance like this
against a team like Tottenham who
were completely spot on.

“We weren’t and that’s my responsibility. I don’t
want to say anything positive about

Posted by on October 23, 2017.


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