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I get angry when people say i make decision for the Argentina national team – Messi

By | November 9th, 2017  | News » Read Latest Lyrics

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi said he get angry when people said he makes decision for Argentina national team

Lionel Messi

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has revealed that he get angry when people claim
he makes the big decisions for the
Argentina national team.

Messi has been accused of selecting coaches
and influencing which players do and
do not make the squad in the past.

However Messi has slammed ridiculous comment that have been made about him, after Hus hat-trick qualified Angetina to the World Cup last month.

Messi told ESPN: “It makes me angry that people say
so many things so easily. People say a lot of things without

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“So, on one hand, it makes
me angry. But on the other hand, I
am used to everything that they say. I am used to all the ridiculous
things they say not just about me,
but about this group [of players] from
the last few years, so I can live with

The Barcelona forward hat-trick secured a spot for the Argentine in the World Cup

And in an interview with TyC Sports, he added: “It’s a lie that I put my friends and
the coaches I want in the national
team. I’m just one more player in the

“To tell these great players — [Angel]
Di Maria, [Sergio] Aguero, [Gonzalo]
Higuain and [Javier] Mascherano,
who are worldwide figures — that,
‘You play because you’re Messi’s
friend,’ shows a lack of respect
towards them and also towards me. It’s a lie.

“I never choose players for
the team or take them out. That’s not
who I am. I am here to add to the
squad, nothing else.”

Messi who is now 30 years of age said that he doesn’t think about how long is left for him to play.

“No, honestly, I hadn’t taken a
decision [on my international future]. But I think it would have
been yes, it would have been the end
for this group [of players], because it
would have been crazy not to qualify
for the World Cup.

Honestly, I can’t
even imagine what would have
happened, because it would have
been terrible for everyone. [Last World Cup?] I don’t know. I try
to not to look at the future and to just
focus on the day-to-day and set
objectives in the near future. I don’t
know what’s going to happen after
the World Cup.

“We’re just going to
keep growing in the coming months,
taking advantage of the little time we
have [before Russia 2018]. After that,
we will see.”


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