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Learn How To Open GTBank Account From Your Mobile Phone

How to use GTBank 737 code for creating account on your phone


In this post I will be sharing with you how you can use GTBank *737 for a lot of things but especially creating an account.

Just stay with me and follow all the steps I will be giving.

How to create GTBank account from your phone:

Back in the days to open an account you will need to visit the bank but now it very easy from your home on your phone just dia *737*0# and follow the screen promotes to create your bank account.

Tips: you can use you phone number as your account Number [NUBAN].

That is just it with this you don’t have to complete any form, any photos, it save time, and other things.


1) You will have to visit the bank only once for authentication and BVN linking (good news: if you have already register for BVN you can also link it from your phone).

2) You will open an account without completing any form.

3) You have the choice in your hand whenever you feel like opening the account, daily, weekly or monthly.

Features that comes with it are:

The maximum among you are eligible to deposit per transaction is N50,000( per transaction).

The maximum amount of money you can have in your account balance is N300,000.

Best advantage of all, you don’t need any airtime or data for you to create account.

I guess what will be on your mind now will be WOW! Am I right? That just awesome no more time wasting in bank, without data, without airtime, without visiting any GTBank you can still open an account from your comfortable zone.

How to open Bank Account on your mobile phone GTBank

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