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WEEKEND DINNER: Would You Face The Boko Haram For N10million Naira?

| August 14, 2017
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Just For Fun , Would You Face Boko Haram For 10million Naira?

Just For Fun

How is it gonna if we begin the week with a nasty question? Absolutely it will be the best thing, that why we’ve come with this question, just for fun don’t take it personal please.

Come to think of it, it has been quite some time now since Nigeria have been battling against the war of Boko Haram, that the reason we’ve decided to come up with this Weekend Dinner, this question is made for weekend, but due to some issues, we’re unable to post it during the weeked.

And that the reason we’ve decided to publish it as soon as possible on Monday morning.

Just For Fun #Weekend Dinner Presented by QNobs.com

Here is the question of the week, Would You Accept To Face BoKo Haram If The FG Are Willing To Pay N10millin?

WAO! N10million is a lot of money, you can buy cars, build houses.

But Boko Haram.

Boko Haram are the most dangerous group to ever exist in Nigeria history, when speaking of weapon, they gat diffrents types, and we’re speaking of members ther’re much, we don’t know how many you’ll have to go through.

So let here from you, it very simple just comments! Remember it just for fun don’t insult anyone please.

Would you face Boko Haram for N10Million?


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