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“I’m ashamed of what I’ve done”: Everton fan who struck Lyon’s Lopes while holding three-year-old son speaks out

By | October 22nd, 2017  | News » Read Latest Lyrics

Everton fan who struck Lyon goalkeeper Anthony
Lopes on the head, an action he
now regrets

The England club have banned him for life,
although the fan blames the club
and players

Ever fan who hit Lyon goalkeeper on the head

An Everton fan who hit an opposition player on the head while holding his three years old son has admitted he is ashamed of

The fan was captured on camera getting involved on pitch brawl during their Europe League match against Lyon on Thursday night.

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He struck the French goalkeeper Anthony
Lopes on the head, an action which
he claims he now regrets and about
which he has spoken to Merseyside

“I was out of the police station inside
half an hour with my solicitor, but I’m
ashamed of what I’ve done,” the fan told the Sunday People.

“I already
know. I’m not a f***ing d***head.”

Everton have banned him for life after the incident, and he admits he is now
worried he will lose access to his
child because of his action.

However, he blamed the player and the club for leaving the security gate open at the stands.

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Ever have vanned him for life after the aattack, although he put the blame on the player and the club

“I put myself and my son in
a dangerous position by taking my
eye off the ball and getting carried
forward with other fans,” he added.

“Before I knew it I was through the
gate, which should have been shut.
Everton should have provided
adequate security. I knew I’d put myself in that
dangerous position.

“It was not
intentional but I’d been too
concentrated on screaming abuse at
the players for being sh**, and before
I knew it I was led down there – then
it was like, “F***ing hell, what’s going
on?” and it looks the way it looks.”


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