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Antonio Conte: Mourinho wilp want to win on Sunday

By | November 5th, 2017  | News » Read Latest Lyrics

Chelsea’s Antonio Conte has rejected suggestion that
Jose Mourinho will be out for

Manchester United loss twice in Stamford Bridge last seaom

Jose Mourinho

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has disagreed that Jose Mourinho will be out for revenge after Manchester
United’s two losses at Stamford
Bridge last season.

United lost 1-0 in the FA and 4-0 in the Premier League to mark two miserable visits to the club
he led to the Premier League title on
three occasions.

Mourinho was unhappy with the result, but United did beat Chelsea
2-0 at Old Trafford in the return
league game in April.

Conte said ahead of super Sunday match: “Don’t forget that they won 2-0 in the
second game at home. Every coach, every player, every
team wants to win. Not for revenge,
but because you need to win.”

Follow Tuesday 30+ lost yo Roma the Blues manager believes his side need a win to fix their weak llnk. “This is my task: to try to understand
why we lost, and then to find the
right solution to try and improve, to
avoid other situations like this. The most important
thing is that it is an isolated case,” Conte said


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