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Olamide gave me money to shoot “Shakebody” video – Skales

By | September 25th, 2017  | Naija Ent. » Read Latest Lyrics

The never say never can’t hold it anymore so Skales decided to say it out


The Never Say Never Guy, Skales has revealed in an emotional twitter post that it was Olamide who gave him the money he used to shoot his breakthrough song.

Skales revealed that he was having financial issues after he left EME and it was difficult for him to shoot a video for his song, but the YBNL boss put faith in him.

The Yahoo Boy No Laptop Nation (YBNL) founder, Olamide made financial into the project that later made Skales the star he is today.

See cut from the tweet below.

Sales wrote: “Guys Iv have been holding this back for so long but I got a let the world know @olamide_YBNL …actually gave me cash to shoot “shakebody” vid he posted on his Twitter account.

Back then cz I was super broke and couldn’t afford to shoot a video for that song I will never forgot it bro thanks a lot bro.”

However also confirmed it, and he said that they’ve both agreed to keep it coded.

Skales revealed that it was Olamude who help in with finance when he was super broke

See cut from the tweet below:

God for all bro ?? we agreed to keep this coded dough lol ??‍♂️

— Olamide Adedeji (@olamide_YBNL) September 24, 2017

I try my best but them gasto kno ….u to ?

— #THENEVERSAYNEVERGUY (@youngskales) September 24, 2017


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