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When I fall in love again, I’ll keep it to myself – Iyanya

By | October 30th, 2017  | Naija Ent. » Read Latest Lyrics

Mavrvin act Iyanya has declared that he would not make his
relationship public the next time he
falls in love

The Kukere hitmaker said is not bothered by
those who say his fame has reduced

Iyanya spotted at ROC Nation

Iyanya who has dated several women
(including actress Yvonne Orji) and
most of his relationships do not
work out due to one reason or the

The Kukere crooner has said that the next time he falls in
love, he would keep it to himself
because anytime he posts a photo of
his girlfriend on social media, he
ends up losing the person.

“When I fall in love again, I am definitely
not going to inform the press and the
reason is simple, anytime I step out to
tell the world that this is my girlfriend, I
end up losing the girl,” he said in an interview with Saturday Beats.

“Over the years, I
have learnt to keep it to myself. I would
show the world my videos and shows
but not my girlfriend. I would not show
the world when we are kissing. I have learnt from my past mistakes.”

Aside from his love life, the singer also reacted to reports that his fame is dwindling, ““I feel nothing when
people say I am not the Iyanya they
used to know because everything is in
their head. What you think about me is
not what is happening in my world and
you think such because of what you see
or hear. I am fine, I am blessed and I am
still touring the world.

Iyanya velives he still in the spotlight, and his still turning the world

“I am happy. So, if
you are over there thinking that Iyanya is
not who he used to be, then that is your
thought and has nothing to do with me. Everything about me is still happening
on a high level; don’t judge me based on
what I post on social media. I am
blessed and it is for life. You cannot
judge me based on what you see me
post. I show you only what I want you to
see, it does not mean that my life
depends on the pictures or videos that I
post. This is a social media world where
people judge you based on what they
see on your social media pages.”


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