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Bisola is too old for me – Jeff Akoh

Bisola claims she was only joking Jeff Akoh, who said the anog Brother Naija star is too old for him to handle

Jeff Akoh

MTN 2015 Project Fame winner Jeff Akoh has revealed that he can’t date Big Brother Naija star Bisola Aiyeola.

However, the actress has come out to deny being in a romantic rationshop either the 21-year-old singer, but questions are Stoll being asked, People are yet to
accept it was just a publicity stunt as
she later claimed. Recall that 31-year-old reality TV star went on Twitter to declare her love for the singer. According to her_ age wasn’t q barrier in their supposed romantic relationship. Some hours later, however, she
rubbished her previous post, saying
she did that to get the attention of
the public.

“there when she made the post and it
was funny,” Jeff Akoh who just released his rebut album ‘Lokoja’ told Sunday Scoop. “She made the post in the
night and when I woke up the next
morning, it was everywhere. But the
truth is that she put her life on the
line for me and I appreciate her for

“She just felt that way and put it on
social media. She didn’t mean it and
it is a free world where you can say
whatever you want to say and do
whatever you like. People apparently took it seriously;
everyone has his or her opinion
about life.

“I am not bothered a bit
about that. The truth is she is not
dating me; I am definitely too young
for Bisola. She is more experienced
than I am, so, we are not on the
same pedestal. I can date someone
older than me, but not by a 10-year

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