Meet Port Harcourt-based lady Beauty Martins who turns car tyres into masterpiece (photos)

A young Nigerian lady shocks the country as she transformed used tyres into beautiful household furnitures

Beauty Martins who based in Port-Harcourt started a business by recycling waste

Meanwhile Martins uses her business to reduce waste in the community

A young Nigerian lady who goes by the name Beauty Martins has shown how creative she can be with her unbelievable talent after she transformed waste into tangible items. The young lady transforms tyres into household furniture.

Nigerian people are extremely bless with great ideas to create an unbelievale things. There’re stories about young men and ladies who comes up with new ideas that can compete with regular businesses.

See photo of the beautiful lady below:

Photo of lady who turns tyre into furniture

According to Emeka Nobis (a Facebook user) Martins who based in Port-Harcourt goes to dumpsites to source for used tyres and turn them into masterpieces that can be used at home. underderstands she makes items like table centerpieces, comfortable chairs and so on.

Nobis recommended the young lady for the effort she puts into her work and futher explained that she uses her business to reduce waste, noting that her business is eco-friendly.

However, it’s question time: what can you transform into new material?

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