LOL! Toke Makinwa reveals she wears her bra for 3 months before washing it

Toke Makinwa stuns the internet with her shocking revelation

The On Becoming writer appeared to be kidding when she stated that she rocks her bra for three months

Some of her fans takes the statement so serious and others believes she’s only joking

Toke Makinwa

Media personality and the authur of On Becoming, Toke Makinwa has left the internet in flames after reavelling that she rocks her bra for three months. Although she appeared to be joking, but still left many social media users in shock over the possibility of her comment being true.

Osi Suave, who works a s a radio host recently asked a question concerning how long women wear their bras on social media. Then Toke Makinwa who wanted to appear funny responded claiming she wear hers for three months before washing it.

It hard to believe that she wears her underwear for three months with her smooth skin. However her respones saw many people laughing and if possible we could be seeing the writer receiving bras as gifts very soon.

See the post below:

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