Mimi Orjiekwe shows off her newly acquired N1.3m bag

Nigerian actress Mimi Orjiekwe flaunts a N1.3million bag on her social media accoubt

She also explained why she’s not going back to her daughter fathet

It seems like she love expensive things

Nigerian actress, Mimi Orjiekwe has taken to her Snapchat account to show off her new Louis Vuitton bag reportedly worth N1.3million.

In this life we all have diffrent ways of showing off success in our careers or businesses. Some go for fancy cars, some go out to eat expensive food and sone get themeselves designer items just like the actress.

See photo of the million of naira bag below:

Mimi Orjikwe bag

Mimi, who has since seperated from her baby daddyrecently explained the reason why their relationship crash and why she’s not going back.

It’s true, we are no longer together,” statement from her words. “He has two baby mamas not even one and he has been begging my dad to make things work between us, but my mind is made up. No more going back to him. I’m doing great. My baby and I are just fine. Charles is not worthy to break my heart, so I have moved on.”

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