Forget Hushpuppi! rapper gets 30% discount for life from Gucci

An American rapper has been given special treat treatment by Gucci

The rapper is identify as Offset, boyfriend of
fast rising rapper Cardi B

Nigerian internet big boy Hushpuppi is being known for the love he has for the popular designer company Gucci, There is hardly any day
where he doesn’t post photos of
himself buying items from the
popular designer brand.

Intact on Gus his birthday he received a special cake from the company and he went to shared it on social media.

However, Hushpuppi isn’t the only one that
reportedly gets special treatment
from Gucci. Member of popular rap
group Migos and boyfriend of fast
rising rapper Cardi B, Offset, is said
to have spent so much money on
Gucci that he was given 30%
discount on their clothes for life!

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Rapper received 30% from Gucci

Wow! Who wouldn’t like this.

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