Falz blasts internet fraudstar again: everyday for the thief one day for the karma

Falz TheBahdguy recently had some
choice words for internet fraudsters

The Karishika crooner also labelled them with internet gangstars

Falz the Bahdguy

Falz (image contesy Instagram)

It was few months ago when rapper Falz publicly made the news to condemned internet fraudstsr aka Yahoo Boys.

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And judging from his latest single which was titled Cornfim featuring Sir Dauda shows that the Karishika hitmaker has never stopped criticism them and sees him label the fraudsters
internet gangsters. The song is off
his latest album titled 27.

“Internet gangster, this the first chapter/
This brother just hammer, he collect
from one maga/ Him steal person
money, na hin he wan dey form swagga/
Everyday for the thief, one day for
karma/ So you happy when you log into
your online haven, and when you getting
richer off another mans savings/ Stop
explaining, that be lazy, No excuse you
fit give them, No be only una wey be
victim of the system/ No, you no be
hustler, that one no be work sirsir,” falz rapped in the first verse of the song.

“You wan carry duffel duffel, instead
make you hustle double, hoping you will
realize you’re not in a real life, you’re
not sharper than the nigga rocking a
pins stripe/ Person talk small, you left
threats in the comment section, you
never got attention, then you try to flood
the mention/ You don forget say this
person get some got protection, Get
your a*s up before you end up for
detention,” he same d in the second verse.

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