Actress Biodun Okeowo promises ‘big compensation’ to anyone who helps her find her missing iPhone 7

Biodun Okeowo recently lost her precious iPhone 7

The Nollywood actress has promised to give whoever
comes to her aid a big compensation

Biodun Okeowo stress

Stress Biodun Okeowo (image from Instafram)

Biodun Okeowo, who recently lost her precious IPhone 7 is not in the
happiest of moods at the moment.

She has took to Instagram to write about
how she lost her phone at a party
in Ikeja. She has also promised
anyone who helps her return the
phone a huge compensation.

“My Rose gold plated IPhone 7plus was
stolen at a party in Ikeja today, please
kindly get in touch if you have any
information or you sight anyone trying to
sell a used IPhone 7plus at Computer
Village, I will compensate the person in
a big way, this phone is very important
to me, it contains vital information and
documents, it is one of my business
lines. Thanks love you all. Niodun Okeow,” she posted.

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