[MOVIE] Birth of the Dragon 2017

Here come a brand new movie – Birth of the Dragon

Birth of the dragon

Birth of the Dragon is a martial arts action film. And it directed by George Nolfi – written by Christopher Wilkinson and and Stephen J. Rivele. The film is a fictional
account on the supposedly true story
revolving around the young martial
artist Bruce Lee, who challenged kung fu master.

This is brand new movie you guys can’t afford to miss from the first day that I saw the trailer on one popular TV show have already know this is going to be a world chart topper film – Birth of the Dragon truly worth searching , and now I have bring the real movie to your guys for free download. Speaking of Bruce Lee I can’t even remember when last I’ve watched his film, so that one of the main fact I can’t wait but to share it for you guys.

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Description: It about a young Bruce Lee who is trying to make name for himself
while working as a
martial arts instructor in 1964 San
Francisco. When Lee meets Wong
Jack Man, he challenges the kung fu
master to a no-holds-barred fight that
became the stuff of legend.

  • Title: Birth of the Dragon 2017
  • Video Quality: Mp4
  • File Size: 76.95MB, 83.09MB_ 63.03MB
  • Genre: Action Film/Movie
  • Cast: Philip Ng, Xia Yu, Billy Magnussen
  • Rate: IMDb – 4.8/10, Rotten Tomatoes – 23%, Facebook – 4.1/6
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